Innocent Heroes RPG Launched


INNOCENT HEROES RPG is reviewed in Appliv!

Hi Guys, this is Brian Han.

Today, I’m gonna introduce the new game INNOCENT HEROES to you guys.

Honestly, I just wanted to make a RPG game on my own.

If you guys love this game, I will definitely make additional upgraded version of it.

First, the map below shows entire territory that you can walk around in the first Episode.


Below gif would help understand what kinda game it is at a glance.

You walk around here to there.

You hunt monsters.

You deliver quests.

You finally save the world by collecting all 30 treasures. (which won’t be quite easy)

And then, soon in the next episode, you will get to the darker stages.


sc1 sc2 sc3


‘Innocent Heroes RPG’ has been successfully released on Google Play early today !!

Feel free to enjoy it! Feedback/Reviews will be greatly welcomed !!

iOS version is now under the review. (should be coming soon on App Store)

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